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How to Get on the Map

Mapping Investments in Women and Girls

Mapping Investments in Women and Girls displays grantmaking data from women’s funding organizations that are members of Women’s Funding Network. View our Member Directory for a complete list of members.

If you are not a Women’s Funding Network member and are funding projects to advance women and girls’ rights, please view our Members page for information on membership.

If you are already a Women’s Funding Network member, but your data does not appear on the map, there are two ways to update your data.


How to get on the map

Mapping Investments in Women and Girls explores the source and destination of funding going toward advancing the rights of women and girls through two views with two different data sets:

  • SOURCE: Women’s Foundation Investments
  • DESTINATION: Where the Money Goes




Data for the “SOURCE” view is collected by Women’s Funding Network as part of its annual member survey. This data is self-reported by Women’s Funding Network members, capturing funding invested in their top three grantmaking priorities. Only members who participated in the most recent member survey are represented.

If you are already a Women’s Funding Network member and your data is not displayed on the map this might be because we did not receive your responses to our annual member demographic survey. Contact us to submit your responses.




The “DESTINATION” view shows which countries and organizations around the world receive funding to advance women and girls’ rights, according to Foundation Center’s 2010 to present data.

This data has been collected by the Foundation Center in numerous ways including grants information directly reported by foundations or collected from IRS Forms 990 and 990-PF, foundation websites, and other public sources.

New data are added to the DESTINATION view weekly. If you’d like to submit your foundation’s grants data to Foundation Center, please join their Electronic Reporting Program. If you already submit your grants data to Foundation Center and would like to make sure the data are included here, please contact



How do I change incorrect data?

For the “SOURCE” view, please email Women’s Funding Network at info@womensfundingnetwork to report any errors. Data for this map is self-reported by members.

For the “DESTINATION” view, please e-mail Foundation Center at to report any errors. In your e-mail please list the funder, recipient organization, grant year, and grant description along with information on what is incorrect and someone from Foundation Center will reach out to discuss the issue.